Nytt experiment: Musiklabbet med live musik

Musiklabbet är Socialen bars satsning på småskaliga live-uppträdanden med unga, upcoming artister och/eller DJ. De lördagskvällar vi inte har live-musik eller DJ så spelar vi Odd-music-mix-tape.

LINEUP 25/7. Se FB-eventet här

Singer, songwriter and artist. Joyseph combines his singing with the percussive elements found on the guitar body to create an intriguing atmosphere!

The guitarpicking genuis from Varberg! … And prepare for some fresh baked songs this Saturday!

Gather round, there’s a guy with a bass! What’s he up for? Ah, soulful music! There’s another guy behind the drums. BOM! Great conditions so far! Guitarist comes along; plug in, pick, slick, and all of that. And who is She? The one putting the pieces together? Call her the composer. The singer. Call her perky JP, or support her to just Be – without any label in a world full of requirements. The being is actually what matters. So listen, feel the music and be part of the puzzle, with and within your soul! And remember: You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take